The Presentation of Jocelin in Chapter One Essay

The Presentation of Jocelin in Chapter One Essay

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The Presentation of Jocelin in Chapter One

Dean Jocelin is a priest at St Mary’s Cathedral in Salisbury. He has a
vision that God has chosen him to erect a great spire on his
cathedral. During Chapter 1 we see many different qualities of
Jocelin. The first account we meet of him is a visual picture of a
laughing man; this represents a joyful, exhilarant person. It shows
that this is the beginning of his vision and everything is taking
place before him. In the second sentence our view shifts and we see
what he sees, the sunlight exploding through the glass, lifting up the
images of Abraham, Isaac and God. Our sense of seeing through his eyes
is strengthened with ‘additional spokes and wheel’. Each time the
sunlight appears inside the cathedral Jocelin recreates his vision,
and it reinforces the rightness of what he is doing. There is a
various repetition of Jocelin ‘laughing chin up’, this begins to sound
a little insane, however ‘chin up’ shows he is a very confident and
proud man who thinks he has all authority over everybody else. He also
thinks that St Mary’s Cathedral belongs to him, as he uses the
repetition of ‘my’ this would signify, that it is his territory. ‘My
place, my house, my people.’

The cathedral and the spire becomes an obsession to Jocelin as he
describes it as a living, breathing building. He describes the
building like a man lying on his back.

‘The nave was his legs placed together, the transepts on either side
were his arms outspread. The choir was his body; and the Lady Chapel
where now the services would be held, was in his head.’ He describes
the spire as ‘the crown and the majesty.’ The great one of all!

Jocelin seems to be a very religious man because when he enters the

... middle of paper ...

...erson who Jocelin has great affection for is his
‘daughter in God’, Goody Pangall. Jocelin thinks that she ‘is entirely
women’ and she is the one topic of conversation that he discusses with
interest with Pangall. For example when Pangall is worried about the
builders, the first question Jocelin asks is, ‘Is your good wife? Do
they work too near her?’ and Pangall reply’s no, ‘Do they treat her as
some men will treat women in the street? Call after her? Speak

In conclusion to this essay, Jocelin has become obsess ional over the
spire because he has forgotten that the vision is from God and when he
thanks God, it shows he is grateful that god has given this vision to
him however it is not for Jocelin, it is for God. Jocelin also does
not listen to anybody else’s comments. All he cares about is himself
and how he looks rather than the cathedral.

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