Essay on The Change of Perspective in the Author of Sky High

Essay on The Change of Perspective in the Author of Sky High

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The Change of Perspective in the Author of Sky High

The text Sky-High shows the change of perspective in the author,
Hannah Robert, as she goes from an imaginative and curious child to an
adult with less freedom and more responsibility. It explores the
nature of change, which occurs in the transition from child to adult

While the author is reminiscing about her childhood, we see her
perspective of herself and her backyard and her world. Her backyard
becomes a place where she can have many adventures with many different
characters. As she describes her backyard, the mood changes as her “…
thoughts return to my original plan, the ultimate conquest of the
washing line.”. With the use of the word conquest a feeling that she
is on a mission to climb the washing line is empathized. Once she has
conquered the washing line and is swinging on it, she feels as sense
of flying. “The earth spins below me. I am flying.”

As the author is describing her backyard there are many lines that
help get the character’s perspective across to the responder. These
lines include; “Other foliage; a bush with red berries, a struggling
sapling, surround the patchy lawn like spectators.”. This use of
similes and metaphors describe a scene where the author is carrying
out her mission with an imaginative audience. This signifies the
typical free-flying imagination of a child. And also in the line “I
bask in the sun in my exalted position, almost sky-high, feeling as
filly and nearly as pink as the bathers I am wearing.”, the use of
adjectives and similes, the feeling of immense excitement is shown
clearly to the responder.

The mood and tone of the passage changes dramatically as the
perspective changes in paragraph 6. The author...

... middle of paper ...

...ity going in the last paragraph.

The structure of the passage helps the responder to clearly see the
changed perspective of the author. The passage starts with the
child’s perspective; the writing has almost a curious and flighty feel
to it. This feeling is empathized through the use of verbs,
adjectives, similes, metaphors, imagery and descriptive and emotive
language. Then, as you move through the passage you get a more
serious mood and tone in the writing until the final paragraph where
the perspective of the author’s backyard and washing line has changed
altogether. The structure has no jumping back and forth in it; no
going from the child’s perspective to the adult’s, the story is able
to flow easily. The structure is almost in the form of stepping
stones, where the change in perspective can go from one point of view
to the other, child to adult.

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