Essay on The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband

Essay on The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband

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Show how a character from The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband and
one other story are put under pressure. Explain how and why this

All the stories I have studied from “Opening worlds” have shown some
form of pressure towards a character in the stories. This pressure
that is created is designed to build up tension which keeps the reader
interested in the story. The pressure in “The Tall Woman and Her Short
Husband” and the “The Gold-Legged Frog” are created by a confrontation
between two or more people. The confrontation which puts a character
under pressure is usually written in quotation marks. This makes the
reader fell more connected with the story and character because the
character is saying the following words.

In “The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband” pressure is put on Mrs. Tall
by a confrontation between her and the Tailor’s wife. The Tailor’s
wife from what the readers sees of her, is very nosey and curious
about what goes on in Mr. Short and Mrs. Tall’s relationship. I think
it’s down to some form of jealousy. She doesn’t like what they both

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