Reasons For and Forms of Oppression within Society Essay

Reasons For and Forms of Oppression within Society Essay

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How do the authors of two texts you have studied express the reasons for
and forms of oppression within society?

Question: How do the authors of two texts you have studied express the
reasons for and forms of oppression within society?

Oppression has always been evident within society throughout history.
Yevgeny Zamyatin in draws on the experiences of the Russian Revolution
in We, while Aldous Huxley uses his own experiences through family and
friends in Brave New World to question and contemplate the reasons for
and forms of oppression in society. In their own ways, each author
explores the influence of possible aspects of central authority,
including physical and psychological conditioning, and the loss of
individualism and concurrent over-collectivism, within their dystopian
worlds. Huxley’s World State presents a society in which the people
are conditioned to be hardly aware of their oppression, and
furthermore to love the stability it achieves, while Zamyatin’s One
State puts much more emphasis on the need and use of violent
oppression and rationality in the levels of science and technology
they explore. Despite these different approaches, however, both
authors present similar ends to such actions and warn of the
possibility of ominous futures.

In both We and Brave New World, the people are physically modified to
suit society. Zamyatin explores a world in which “no one is one but
only one of, we’re so identical.” Each person is given a letter and a
corresponding number, relating to whether that person is male or
female, with all males ending with an odd number, such as D-503 and
all females ending with an even number, such as I-330. Furthermore,
the peoples' physical appearances also help rel...

... middle of paper ...

...e nature of science
unguided by ethics is presented, a view not really expressed by

Both Brave New World and We express slightly different forms and
reasons for oppression in society though present similar ends. The
authors warn of a society in which the individual is lost to the
collective, and, more worrisome, where people may not fight their
oppression, but embrace it. Brave New World suggests that to be on
guard against the threat, society must be wary of the oppression of
pleasure, in which ecstasy allows adult society to descend to deep
immaturity. We suggests that ideology must not allow society to
objectify nature and deny morality and humanity. The overriding
effect of oppression in both the World State and the One State is the
loss of individuality; the essence of individualism is a problem to
the power structures of both societies.

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