Essay Consider Why Visions of the Future are Common in Literature. Make

Essay Consider Why Visions of the Future are Common in Literature. Make

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Consider Why Visions of the Future are Common in Literature. Make
Specific Reference to The Chrysalids and at Least One Other Text.

In this essay I will try to explain why visions of the future are so
common in literature. To do this I will make reference to "The
Chrysalids" by John Wyndham, "Brother In the Land" by Robert Swindell,
"Z for Zachariah" by Robert C. O'Brien and also a television series
called "Futurama", created by Matt Groening. This essay consists of
three main parts: an introduction, an explanation on why visions of
the future are abundant and a conclusion. There are various reasons
why visions of the future are commonly found in literature and other
media, I will emphasize in what I believe are the four most important.

People are often dogmatic when it comes to their way of living or
their beliefs and will not accept any form of criticism whatsoever.
Not only will people not accept opinions on a particular matter, but
it is also a risky and not socially accepted thing to do. For this
reason writers cannot just write criticism and publish it. To avoid
any type of conflict writers often base their novels or stories in a
futuristic point of view to criticize actual society yet doing so
indirectly. We can see this in "The Chrysalids" as the author
criticizes two aspects of mankind: discrimination and our fear towards
change and evolution. Discrimination is seen all throughout the novel
as the norms take action against all deviations, human or inanimate,
as small as they could be. "'If anyone were to find out, they'd -
they'd be terribly unkind to her' 'because she has six toes?'" (Page
13). Although the novel criticizes discrimination, it also criticizes
fear of evolution at the end of it...

... middle of paper ... material" (page 191).

There are a plethora of novels, movies and television series whose
theme is about the future and humanity's possible outcome in it. In
synthesis we can say that visions of the future are abundant due to
their varying purposes: criticism, forewarning or simply to express
one's fears of what is to come but also because of what the author
wants to write about and what are the limits he is willing to break.
We can also conclude that even though visions of the future are common
in literature, they are also common in other types of format such as
television series and movies. In my own personal opinion I believe all
four purposes are equally important yet I tend more to believe that we
see so much science fiction because we are intrigued by it, though our
fear towards it leads us to believe only in the apocalyptic
resolutions of it.

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