Compare and contrast the two characters of Celie and Jeanette. Essay

Compare and contrast the two characters of Celie and Jeanette. Essay

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Compare and contrast the two characters of Celie and Jeanette.
Consider the influence of religion on the two main protagonists.

Despite the fact that Celie and Jeanette are characters who appear to
be lost in completely different worlds they do in fact have quite a
lot in common. The influence of religion on the two girls is
significant and can be seen throughout the two novels. Jeanette is
trapped at home with an extremely strict religious family, and could
be considered to be quite naïve, as she hasn’t seen much of life
outside of her village. Her village is full of evangelists, although
the way they act makes them seem a lot more like a cult. Hence, it
could be said that Jeanette had to endure religion being forced upon
her throughout her childhood. Celie on the other hand, embraces
religion and it is an important factor in her survival. After Celie
has been raped by her abusive father, who also gave her children away,
she is forced to live with Mr. ____, her husband, who is equally, if
not more abusive than her father ever was. Celie can’t see herself
living any other way, and although she isn’t happy, she accepts this
way of life.

Jeanette Winterson wrote, “Oranges are not the only fruit”, which was
published in 1985. She was born in Manchester in 1959, and was adopted
by two evangelist parents. She left her parents in 1975 after starting
a relationship with another woman. She attended St. Catherine’s
College in Oxford and graduated from there with a degree in English.
Over the years she has published many stories mainly involving lesbian
fiction, as well as film scripts.

Alice Walker was born on February 9, 1944 into a family of
sharecroppers near Eatonton, Georgia. Her father, Willie Lee Wal...

... middle of paper ...

...lf and her new life by ending her letters
as if they were a prayer, with the word “Amen.” Jeanette has escaped
her demons and eventually returns home once she has found her own path
in life with God, but without all her previous restrictions. The two
novels reflect on the ways in which religion can affect how a person
lives their life, and how it can help them to cope in times of need
and desperation. The novels also show how religion can have the
influence to help a person to have the strength to survive and
completely change their direction in life, as is seen in “The Color
Purple” and “Oranges are not the only fruit.”

[1] “Oranges are not the only fruit” Jeanette Winterson Chapter One,
Genesis. In this scene we are introduced to Jeanette, her family and
the life she lives.

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