Analyse the importance of Winston and Julia's relationship in the novel.

Analyse the importance of Winston and Julia's relationship in the novel.

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Analyse the importance of Winston and Julia's relationship in the novel.
How does it contrast with the oppressive regime around them?

Question 1. Analyse the importance of Winston and Julia's relationship
in the novel. How does it contrast with the oppressive regime around

In the novel Winston Smith was a quiet man in his late thirties ,
something of and intellectual , who nurses a secret hatred of the
party in the face of the party continual alteration of document when
he meet Julia he finds an outlet both for his heretical opinions and
for the love he yearns to share with another human being.

The Character of Julia in the 1984 is a young woman of 26 year old.
She is very jealous of her apparent which devotion to the party that
Winston suspects that she is a member of the thought police. Julia
seems to follow Winston that Winston was thinking that maybe Julia
also has a secret rebel love with Winston. Julia's view of life is
very different from Winston she is not an intellectual given to long
ruminations on the absurdity of the party and its society but ...

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