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An Immense Career

Career Willa Cather, American novelist and short-story writer, was
born Willela Sibert Cather on 7 December 1873, in Back Creek Valley,
Virginia, near Winchester. At nine years of age, in 1883, her family
moved to Red Cloud, Nebraska. Many of her novels were set in Red
Cloud. She attended the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and graduated
in 1895. She spent a few years after college working on a newspaper,
and then worked an editorial job at the magazine Home Monthly in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She then wrote reviews for the Pittsburgh
Leader. In 1903, she published a book of poetry, April Twilights, and
she moved to New York City in 1904. She met Edith Lewis the same year,
whom she later shares an apartment with in 1908, and they live
together until her death (The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia).

Next, she taught high school in Pittsburgh in 1895, then moved to NY
City to work on the editorial staff of McClure's magazine in 1906
(Crane: 218, 256). Ultimately, she saved McClure's magazine from
financial disaster, after she became managing editor (Columbia
Electronic Encyclopedia). In 1908, she befriends Sarah Orne Jewett, an
inspiration for Cather's later works (Crane, 198). Cather is most
widely recognized for her chronicles of western pioneer America. She
won the Pulitzer Prize in 1925 for One of Ours. Cather died 24 April
1947, at 73 years of age, and is buried in New Hampshire (Crane,
Editorial). Cather worked careers as a journalist, an editor, and a
fiction writer - but her first publication was a poetry collection,
April Twilights (1903).

The birthplace of her writing career was Pittsburgh, as Cather noted
(North Side: Willa Cather). She moved to New York City in 1904, an...

... middle of paper ...

..." Harvard University, June 1987.

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University of Nebraska Press, 1982.

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and Forth from Thoreau to Nietzsche and Heidegger."" An Essay by Frank
H. W. Edler. Metropolitan Community College Omaha, Nebraska. Copyright
© 2000, Frank Edler

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Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Columbia University Press, 2000.

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11 March 2002

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