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Fairy Tale Love

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young woman. She had bleached blonde hair, sparkling ocean blue eyes, and a super model figure. After struggling with life’s challenges for a few years a strong, dark, handsome stock broker came along and rescued her. It was love at first sight. They got married, had one boy and one girl (in that order), and then lived happily ever after. At one point in time I believed this modern day dream was a realistic outlook on love. My opinion of this fairy tale story has been changed throughout the lessons of this course. I set my expectations as a child as to what love should be. Through movies, TV, magazines, and music these ideas were implanted in my mind. This course and personal experiences have opened my eyes to a more realistic approach to love.

In the beginning, we are all naïve and innocent. Characters such as Charity from Summer portrays this idea. I related to her naiveté and remembered how easily I became blinded by love. After becoming romantically involved with Harney, she was swept up by her emotions and lost all contact with reality. “He had caught her up and carried her away into a new world” (Summer 178). The first time I fell in love, I believed that the world revolved around him just as Charity did with Harney. I became oblivious to reality and the truth of the situation. My love as well as Charity’s, was so bent by the truth that we could only see what we wanted to.

Charity was swept up in this fairy tale love that she believed would never end. When reality finally overtook her, she could not find the strength to overcome the black and white situation in front of her. “She had not the strength to shake off the spell that bound, she saw only the par...

... middle of paper ...

...thought with one mind, and maintained an annoying privacy” (39). I thought romantic love should be like their bond, private and consumed in their own domain like Charity and Harney. This class has taught me to look beyond the set construct that modern day culture presses on us.

I believe that love is the most abstract concept humans try to conceive. I do not think that any one view love is correct. As you age and mature, your impressions of love change. The main point I got out of the class was just the simple idea of looking past the emotions that are so unconstrained, to see the situation and true meaning for what it really is. In the future, I will no longer approach relationships and love as the fairy tale concept. Because in the end there is no happily ever after.


Wharton, Edith. Summer. New York: Simon and Schuster 1917.

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