Analysis of A Light In The Forest by Conrad Richter Essay

Analysis of A Light In The Forest by Conrad Richter Essay

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Analysis of A Light In The Forest by Conrad Richter

A Light In The Forest by Conrad Richter is an amazing story of one
Indian boy's will to survive and struggle to overcome many obstacles.
A light in the forest is about a white boy who was kidnapped from his
family by Indians when he was 4 years old. An Indian couple from the
tribe adopted him and raised him as their own son naming him Lenni
Quis or True Son. They taught him the religion and customs of the
Indian people and he came to live by these customs and to love his new
family. But then 11 years later, the white men came back to reclaim
all of the people the Indians kidnapped, even if they didn't want to
come back to with the white people. True son was forced to come back
to his white family very much against his wishes. This is the story of
True son and his battle to get back to his Indian family. This is also
the story of his family's reaction to their son who was taken from
them and is now returned very different than when he left them 11
years earlier. The biggest question that was raised for me when I was
reading this book, was who is your real family, the people who are
your blood relatives, or the people who raised you and loved you for
many years.

While I was reading this book, I was wondering why the white
people were so set on bringing True Son back to the "white land." It
was obvious he wasn't being harmed and wanted to stay with his Indian
mother and father. I think they should have just left him with his
Indian mother and father. I think that by True son rebelling against
his White mother and father, he was showing that he didn't want to
stay with them and that he should be able to choose his own destiny.
If his white mother and fat...

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... and weak while the Indian people are
wild, free, strong, and independent.

I think that the title "A Light In The Forest" means that True Son is
a special person hidden away in the forest. That even though the white
people think that the Indians are savages, they are really quite civil
and raised this boy as their own, always treating him well. He is a
success story. The title doesn't tell much about the story, but when
you first read the title you know that it is probably about a forest
and something in that forest. I think that there could have been
better names for the story, like ones that related the book to Indians
or a lost boy found. The name a Light In The Forest doesn't tell as
much about the book as it could, but it is a good title because it leaves
the reader wondering what that light is, and it makes the reader curious
to read the book.

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