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Throughout ’The Bloody Chamber’, Angela Carter takes the highly
successful conventions that belong to once innocent fairy tales, and
rips them unremorsefully from their seemingly sound foundations to
create a variety of dark, seductive, sensual stories, altering the
landscapes beyond all recognition and rewarding the heroines with the
freedom of speech thus giving them license to grab hold of the reigns
of the story.

The Snow Child is one such story by Carter, where connotations seen in
fairytales such as ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ are
in evidence and are fused together accompanied by the emergence of
feminism to the foreground of the story, numerous examples of rich and
highly effective and evocative symbolism and a certain element of

In essence, The Snow Child tells of a Count and his Countess who are
riding on horseback when the Count suddenly expresses his desire for a
girl with ‘skin as white as snow’, ‘lips as red as blood’ and ‘hair as
black as a raven’. She then materialises before their very eyes, after
which, the Count lifts her up, and sits her in front of him on his
saddle. The jealousy oozes from the Countess, who after seeing this,
has only one train of thought - how can she rid herself of The Snow
Child? The Countess’s place is usurped by the child as is symbolised
by the transfer of the Countess's clothes onto her, leaving the
Countess naked. Eventually the child dies and the Count gets off his
horse and rapes her before the dead body of the girl melts away and
consequently, the Countess is re-clothed. This narrative clearly
exposes how the heroines of fairy tales are the const...

... middle of paper ...

...s she who demands the girl to ‘Pick me
one’ when passing a ‘bush of roses’ - the rose that she picks
eventually kills her as she ‘pricks her finger on the thorn’. As a
result she ‘bleeds; screams; falls.’ Bizarrely, the ‘weeping’ Count
gets off his horse and proceeds to rape the corpse in a horrific act
of necrophilia - all the while, the Countess ‘watched him narrowly’,
hinting at a spiteful evil glare.

‘He was soon finished’.

In my opinion, it is at this point where the Count loses the little
respect the reader would have had for him and suggests a certain
degree of incapability on his part.

Finally, the Countess ‘stroked her fur’ with ‘her long hands’ whilst
the Count ‘picked up the rose, bowed and handed it to his wife’,
suggesting a transfer of power at this late stage in the story. She
drops the rose after touching it, declaring, ‘It bites!’.

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