Essay on Being an Outsider in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The Fifth Child

Essay on Being an Outsider in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The Fifth Child

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In Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and in The Fifth Child an outsider is
progressively released into the existing society destroying peace and
goodness as it comes

The two books are about a person being released into the good and kind
society around them, then they destroy it bit by bit. Both of the
stories have characters that are similar, yet they still have their
differences. The differences they have are reflected in the societies
they live in. Considering that the books are written 100 years apart
from each other, these differences are simple to spot for the reader.

For example, social aspects of both books are very different. In 'Dr
Jekyll and Mr Hyde', the wealthy were extremely rich, and poor people
found it hard to scrape enough money together to get a daily meal.
This is a contrast to 'The Fifth Child', where David and Harriet are
middle class, despite having a large house. This is also shown by the
fact that the 'middle class' is Lessing's book and not Stephenson's,
where people lived in their house on the outskirts of London, as
Harriet and David do. This is different to Jekyll and Hyde, where
Stephenson generally describes inner-city London.

In Jekyll and Hyde, class and gender was judged a lot. In this book,
women were considered inferior to men. Women, if mentioned, act in an
uncontrollable, hysterical fashion. Stephenson writes:

"As we were pitching it in red hot, we were keeping the women off him
as best we could, for they were as wild as harpies."

And then:

"At the horror of these sights and sounds, the maid fainted"

This inferiority of women is also expressed by their occupations. The
only mentioning of a woman working is a maid, which is a menial job
compared to Jekyll, who is a d...

... middle of paper ...

...ics of doctors involving cloning and medicine. This arises
from Jekyll losing control of Hyde, as Hyde gets stronger and

In my opinion, I will find the fifth child most memorable. This is
because I find the language more simple to understand, and the issues
more modern. Stephenson's book, Jekyll and Hyde, has words that I have
never come across before; meaning that reading it was quite slow.
Also, when something happens, Stephenson describes what other people
think of it. For example, Enfield says:

"It was nothing to hear, but it was hellish to see."

Lessing usually describes exactly what happened and rarely puts an
opinion into what she writes:

"They ran upstairs to find that Paul had put his hand in to Ben
through the cot bars, and Ben had grabbed the hand and pulled Paul
hard against the bars, bending the arm deliberately backwards."

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