Essay about Family Relations in The Metamorphisis

Essay about Family Relations in The Metamorphisis

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Family Relations it The Metamorphisis

In The Metamorphosis Gregors new state both scares and
angers his father eventually resulting in Gregors death.
Gregors father has been long free from working to support
the family and this burden has now been restored by
Gregors metamorphosis.

Mr. Samsa’s dependency on Gregor is shown in his
first appearance in the book were he immediately seems
furious that gregor has so little as missed a train. In an
incredible display of hypocrisy he says “ He’s not well,
sir, believe me, what else would make him miss a train!”
This shows the beginning of the end for Gregor. Gregor is
late for only one day of work and his father reacts as if he
has done something terribly wrong.

As Gregor first reveals his new state we see more

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