Use of Language in Frankenstein Essay

Use of Language in Frankenstein Essay

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How does Mary shelly use of language in chapters 1 and 5 show the
contrast in the atmosphere and Victor Frankenstein’s behaviour.

Question: How does Mary shelly use of language in chapters 1 and 5
show the contrast in the atmosphere and Victor Frankenstein’s

Frankenstein was written in 1818 by a young lady called Mary Shelly.
Shelly had never had any school education but her farther taught her
at home. When Shelly was 19 she completed her novel Frankenstein. The
book Frankenstein was published in 1818. Shelly got the idea whilst
she was in Lake Geneva, when she was challenged by Lord Byron to write
a horror story. The story Frankenstein was based on scientific
development that was being introduced at the time. The genre of the
story is gothic horror. The book is like Dr Jekle and Mr Hyde and

In Frankenstein Mary Shelly used different types of language to show
how Victor changes between chapters one and five. One way shelly does
this is by changing the atmosphere of the chapters. In chapter one
Victor describes his surroundings as being very...

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