Analysis of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Essay

Analysis of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Essay

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Analysis of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

Pride and prejudice is a novel set in the late 17th Century and was
written by author Jane Austen. The novel is based upon the theme of
marriage and social settings of the 17th century. The novel is set in
an era where women where 2nd class citizens and were inferior to men.
This is ever so prevalent in the novel. In the time of which the novel
is set women were not meant to meddle in men’s affairs theses included
involving in politics, participating in financial affairs this
disabled the women to be independent.

This did not allow women to play a greater role in society, in fact
women were supposed to “bore birth and bring up and look after the
children”. This was there only role society which was dominated my

A women’s objective in life would’ve been to look for a wealthy
husband who may not have necessarily have loved her. This would enable
the women to have a secure future. The first line of Pride and
Prujudice sums this up

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession
of a good fortune must be in want of a wife”

The problems which arise in “Pride and Prejudice” are that Mr Bennet
has five daughters and no sons. This may be the reason why Mrs Bennet
is obsessed with getting her daughters married.

“A single man of large fortune; four or five thousand a year.
What a fine thing for our girls!”

Mrs Bennet always mentions the amount the possible candidate earns a
year this shows that the financial aspect is vitally important as it
ensures there daughters future security. Because Mr Bennet has only
daughters there will be inheritance given to the daughters as there
are not male but will be give to the closest relat...

... middle of paper ...

Lastly both of the men are shocked to realize that Elizabeth rejects
their proposals.

The Character Elizabeth is a strong, free thinking women in the novel,
and does not believe in the traditional ways of doing things. She
believes that a person should marry for love, which was recognized at
the time at which the novel is set.

I think the Jane Austen’s opinions are portrayed in her characters as
a means of displaying that traditions some times are wrong. Elizabeth
has characteristics of feminism. This shows that Jane Austen was ahead
of her time, because she believed that women could be free thinking
and independent and still live a good life. This is portrayed in her
characters as Elizabeth eventually is loved by Darcy for who she is
even though Darcy recognizes the fact that Lady Catherine De Bourgh
will take it upon insult him Marrying her.

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