In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen’s usage of letters allows the reader

In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen’s usage of letters allows the reader

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In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen’s usage of letters allows the reader
to fully comprehend the situation and certain feelings of the characters.

The Usage of Jane’s Letters in Pride and Prejudice

In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen’s usage of letters allows the
reader to fully comprehend the situation and certain feelings of the
characters. For example, the two letters sent by Jane Bennet to
Elizabeth Bennet in Chapter 46 allow the novel to arrive at a turning
point in many different aspects. The obvious purpose of the written
letters is to inform the reader of the events at hand regarding Lydia
Bennet and Mr. Wickham. However, these letters allow changes to take
place in other relationships as well.

Jane Bennet illustrates herself much in the letters that she
composes. She is constantly optimistic and trusts people immensely,
shown in the lines “But I am willing to hope the best, and that his
character has been misunderstood.” Jane is constantly considering the
feelings of other people and she conveys that she does not like to
impose on others. She states in the second letter, “Now as the first
shock is over, shall I own that I long for your return? I am not so
selfish, however, as to press for it, if inconvenient.” Even in her
opening statement in the first distressed letter Jane states, “I am
afraid of alarming you-be assured that we are all well.” These
statements easily show her compassion and consideration for others.
When describing the state of the rest of the family because of Lydia’s
actions, Jane precedes each of their names with the word “poor.” For
example, she writes “my poor mother is really ill and keeps to her
room,” and “Poor Kitty has anger for having concealed their

... middle of paper ...

...y because of the incorrect address is vital in conveying
Jane’s emotions to the reader.

It is apparent that Jane Austen intended these two solitary letters to
play a vital role in the novel. These letters single-handedly brought
on the climax of the novel and allowed many different relationships to
develop. If the letters were not available to the reader or even
simply mentioned, the novel would be lacking in a connection with the
reader. These letters convey emotions and worries that otherwise
might not be discussed in person, such as the negative comments about
Mr. Wickham and his supposed intentions for Lydia Bennet. The letters
also allow the reader to personally imitate the internal reactions of
the original receiver in the novel. Jane Bennet’s two letters to
Elizabeth certainly fulfill these literary functions and are quite
essential to the novel.

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