In Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen presents a number of relationships

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In Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen presents a number of relationships in early 19th century England Pride and Prejudice essay “How does Jane Austen present the pleasures and problems of love and relationships in early 19th century England in Pride and Prejudice” In Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen presents a number of relationships in early 19th century England. One of the main relationships is between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy. Elizabeth is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Bennet who are a part of a well off country family who own Longbourn estate and Mr Darcy is a very rich landowner. Another main relationship is between Jane, Elizabeth’s sister, and the most attractive Bennet and Mr Bingley a wealthy agreeable man and Mr Darcy’s friend. There is also a relationship between Lydia Bennet the youngest daughter and Mr Wickham a “con man” from the army and Mr Wickham ends up being coerced into marring Lydia so the family can save face. Mr and Mrs Bennet are the parents of the Bennet family. The last relationship I will look at in my essay is Mr Collins and charlotte lucus. Mr Collins is a distant cousin of the Bennets and a clergyman on a very wealthy estate Charlotte Lucas is Elizabeth Bennets best friend and nextdoor neighbour. Mr and Mrs Bennet have a difficult relationship because Mr Bennet may have married below his intelligence and maybe regrets his choice of wife. He demonstrates this when he teases her for example in chapter 1 he says he’s not going to see Mr Bingley to wind her up but then he does “ I see no occasion for that you and the girls go” then “he always intended to visit thought to the last always assuring his wife that he should not go” but to keep herself the centre of attention M... ... middle of paper ... ...ope with his sister the don’t meet again till when she is on holiday sightseeing in his estate in Derbyshire. Darcy is still attracted to her and she now seems to be developing an attraction to him however this is interrupted by Lydia’s elopement with Wickham with out Elizabeth knowing he’s does every thing to force Wickham to marry Lydia. He did that because he loves Elizabeth so much “ I believe I thought only of you” which is what he says when Elizabeth finds out and thanks him in the same conversation he asks her to marry him and this time he accepts. So I think that in this book Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen shows us that love in the 19th century is very formalised and follows strict rules. Nowadays in the 21st century things are totally different .We are less status conscience about marriage and you don’t need a husband to get a good household.
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