Explain how each of the 4 settings has a profound effect on the characters

Explain how each of the 4 settings has a profound effect on the characters

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Explain how each of the 4 settings has a profound effect on the characters
in the novel. Each of the 4 settings in the novel persuasion by Jane Austen
holds a profound effect and

Question: explain how each of the 4 settings has a profound effect on
the characters in the novel.

Each of the 4 settings in the novel persuasion by Jane Austen holds a
profound effect and significance on the characters of the novel.

Firstly we have kellynch hall, the inhabitants and owners of kellynch
hall are the Elliot family, Sir Walter Elliot and his two daughters,
Elizabeth and Anne Elliot. Kellynch in the novel is described as a
rather exquisite setting, ‘Mrs Croft was impressed with the
furnishings’. Lawns and flower gardens, from the owners personalities,
obsessions with appearance, desire to have a high social stance and
ostentatious outlook on life we can only gather that kellynch is a
rather exquisite site.

The setting heavily reflects on the characters of kellynch hall- Sir
Walter Elliot, a man for whom "vanity was the beginning and end of
[his] character." His favourite book, the reader is told, is the
Baronetage, a book which holds record of the most important families
in England, and which, most importantly records Sir Walter's own
personal history, And Elizabeth, who is beautiful, yet vain like her
father and Anne, who has a sweetness of character, but is often
overlooked by her family. Kellynch appears to be more then what seems
on the surface, lavish furniture and ornaments ‘impressive
furnishings’ the ornaments and furnishings almost to cover up for an
underlying truth.

As kellynch is an old building there are sure to be a few cracks and
broken aspects of kellynch hall. Similarly the truth of the ...

... middle of paper ...

...th and wealth, but
on one's accomplishments, manners, and interests.

In Somersetshire, the Elliot family is considered the very best; here
in Bath, they could be understood to be socially beneath their
cousins, the Dalrymples. Anne has pride, and she is offended at the
thought that such unaccomplished and uninteresting people could be
ranked above her.

Anne is unaccustomed to being thought beneath anyone, and in some
ways, she has more pride than her father and sister. She cannot bear
the thought that such a respected, landed family such as hers must
live in rented rooms in a city, while their home is inhabited by
others. Anne is further dismayed at the small degree to which her
father and sister seem to be upset by this. Austen is expressing that
a certain amount of pride can be a good thing, if it is based upon
true merit and not false appearances.

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