Chapter Eight of Great Expectations Essay

Chapter Eight of Great Expectations Essay

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Look In Detail At Chapter Eight Of Great Expectations And Consider The
Significance Of The Chapter To The Novel As A Whole

Chapter 8 is when Pip's Great Expectations start and 'Play Begins'.
Pip goes to Satis House because Miss Havisham has asked for a boy to
come and 'play'. When going to Miss Havisham's House Pip is introduced
to Estella and the moment he sets eyes on her, his 'Great
Expectations' begin. Pip thinks that Estella is 'very pretty' and he
falls in love with her.

However I think Estella is mean and scornful and obnoxious and pompous
and stuck-up and thoughtless and it all started because of how Miss
Havisham brought her up. I believe that she is like this because she
has copious amounts of respect for Miss Havisham. Miss Havisham wants
Estella to be spiteful and cold-hearted to men because she got jilted.
Estella is obedient to Miss Havisham because she is dependent on her
and without her she would have no one else.

Estella is an extremely pretty girl 'and seemed very proud'. She is
'like a star'. This relates to the two clear symbols in chapter one of
the gibbet and the beacon (one of evil and one of good). I think that
Estella can be associated to the beacon because beacons guide ships to
safety, and Estella is Pip's guiding light. Dickens uses this sentence
to show that Estella is not all bad and later she is kind and caring
towards Pip.

Estella is not just disdainful to Pip but to all men. The evidence for
this is that she slams the gate in Mr Pumblechook's face even though
he was being polite. This supports the readers thoughts that she is
scornful to all men.

While Pip and Estella are playing cards she comments on how much of a
'labouring boy' Pip is. She says that he has 'c...

... middle of paper ...

book with Mrs Joe and Estella as the wicked stepmothers. The glass
slipper incident is portrayed as when Pip gets the money, because he
spends the money that he gets from his benefactor on dressing and
acting like a gentleman. He is seeing if the slipper of
gentlemanliness fits him.

In conclusion I believe that Chapter 8 is an extremely important
chapter in the novel as this is when Pip begins to peruse his 'Great
Expectations'. This chapter is relevant to today because it shows how
bitter you can get when something bad happens to you. Don't allow
yourself to get bitter you should just get on with life. In Pips life
after meeting Estella all he wants to do is become a gentleman, I
believe that this is the theme of the book. Becoming a gentleman.
Therefore I think that Chapter 8 is the most important chapter in the
book due to the reasons given above.

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