The Treatment of Poor Children in Victorian Britain depicted in Oliver Twist

The Treatment of Poor Children in Victorian Britain depicted in Oliver Twist

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In this essay I will be writing about how Charles Dickens uses the
story Oliver Twist to expose the appalling treatment of poor children
in Victorian Britain.

Oliver Twist was written in 1837–9, this period in Britain history was
known as the Victorian period. Life in Britain was changing a lot at
this time, more and more people were moving to the city due to the
Industrial Revolution. Most of the people, who were moving to the
city, were living in the country. There were a lot of negative effects
of lots of people moving to the city, it was getting really
overcrowded and there was a lack of housing. The housing conditions of
poor people in cities like London at the time, were absolutely
disgusting, there was no running water and no heating. At the time
their was a really cruel and sick law called the ‘Poor Law’, the poor
law meant that all poor people had to go to a workhouse. I think the
workhouse was absolutely disgusting and sick. I think that this law
was very bad and unfair to the poor people.

Now on to Oliver Twist. The surgeon and nurse were present at the
time of Oliver’s mother giving birth. The nurse was very drunk and the
surgeon a contract worker. The attitude of the surgeon and nurse,
towards Oliver’s mother was very disrespectful; the surgeon had asked
the woman where did she come from? The woman replied “She was brought
here last night," adding “She was found lying in the street”. When the
surgeon leaned towards her body and raised her left hand he said "The
old story," shaking his head: "no wedding ring, I see. This means she
wasn’t married and would most likely have been a prostitute and might
have ended up getting pregnant accidentally. Oliver’s mother died
after giving birth to Oli...

... middle of paper ...

Instead they got Oliver an apprenticeship with Mr Sowerberry.

As the story progresses Oliver finishes the apprenticeship and arrives
in London. Charles Dickens introduces a new character called Fagin.
Fagin is described as a very bad and greedy person, he is a criminal.
He first gives poor children food and shelter, and then teaches them
to handle bags etc. He done the same to Oliver, when Oliver arrived in
London, he gave Oliver food and shelter and taught him how to steal.
The money the young juveniles steal they give it to Fagin. As the
story continues Fagin dies and Oliver’s situation changed. Mr.
Brownlow adopted Oliver and they lived peacefully. Oliver finally got
a person who would love him and take care of him. That was the story
of Oliver Twist and his sad memories of how poor children lived and
how they were treated in the 19th century.

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