Techniques Bronte Uses to Evoke Sympathy from the Reader in Jane Eyre Essay

Techniques Bronte Uses to Evoke Sympathy from the Reader in Jane Eyre Essay

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Techniques Bronte Uses to Evoke Sympathy from the Reader in Jane Eyre

The essay looks at ways and especially the people that evoke sympathy
for the reader in Jane Eyre’s younger life. Bronte uses many ways to
provoke the reader’s empathy and compassion. People and techniques
used to do this, are shown in the following.

Sympathy is evoked in the reader through Mrs Reed. Although we are
given no details on Jane’s childhood before she comes into Mrs Reeds
care, we may presume it was a happy one. The contrast is shown when
Mrs Reed kept and held Jane separately from her own children. Jane
knows that “She (Mrs Reed) regretted to be under the necessity of
keeping me at a distance”. Also “She must exclude me from privileges
intended only for contented, happy little children”. Jane is trying
to empathise with Mrs Reed and understands that she does not belong
with the family, and therefore feels lost and unhappy.

Many adults in the novel dislike Jane because she is an outspoken
individual. She is a non-conformist and goes against the grain of the
typical female child of her time. She was told to do as she was told
and not to think for herself. Today she would be more accepted by
having her own views. She is told that “There is something truly
forbidding in a child taking her elders in that manner, be seated and
until you can speak pleasantly remain silent.

Jane hides and reads behind some curtains to escape what she perceives
as her captors. Her favourite book is Bewicks History of British
Birds. She dreams she is visiting islands and far off shores as she
travels the globe. The reader can almost visualise her journey and
also longs for her freedom. As she reads it is noted that outside the
weather is dull...

... middle of paper ...

...l to cut her
beautiful locks off, she remonstrates and passes a hanker chief over
her lips as though she is trying to hide or brush away her feelings of
the stupid accusations. Jane is humiliated in front of the whole
school because of Mr.Brocklehurst for false accusations. Mrs.Temple
later announces to the school and reassures Jane and everyone that she
is a good girl and that what Brocklehurst said was not true, the
reader feels vindicated for Jane.

Bronte describes her characters knowingly and with insight. The reader
is drawn into the sad unjust world of an orphan, especially the female
orphan in Victorian England. I feel that Jane is a determined young
woman someone who I would like to become friends with, not because we
would have much in common but that her life philosophies are wise and
she is the product of a well experienced short life time.

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