Jane Eyre as an Independent Woman Essay

Jane Eyre as an Independent Woman Essay

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Jane Eyre as an Independent Woman

Jane Eyre was probably the most shocking and controversial novel of
it’s time. Not only was it almost unheard of for a readable novel to
be written by a woman, but the views and opinions expressed by the
character of Jane Eyre were unthinkable and before their time.

In the eighteenth century, when Queen Victoria was at the height of
her reigning day, People were far more reserved that the people of
today. People were much more prudish and kept themselves to
themselves. Life, in general, was very class orientated with the
aristocrats of the day dominating the social status whilst the poor
were ostracized. Therefore, moving to a higher class was near
impossible. Society was very much male dominated. Women were expected
to obey a man’s commands and were treated inferior to their male
superior. Therefore, a novel written by a woman was never read, since
it was deemed unworthy to be read by the literature critics all of
which were male. Consequently, Charlotte Bronte published under the
name Currer bell- a man’s name.

We first see Jane’s Independence at Gateshead; she was “excluded from
privileges intended for happy content little children” she was
isolated from family activities and this may explain why she was so
autonomous, standing up to her elders and the superiority of the young
Master John Reed. During a “moment’s mutiny” she attack’s him in a
“picture of Passion”. This would have been severely frowned upon since
it was unheard of for a lady not to know her place and not to strike
he benefactress’ son. She documents John Reed as being “A murder…a
slave driver…like the roman emperors” At this period of time, in which
children should be seen and not heard; young lad...

... middle of paper ...

...sing that she truly could not live without Mr. Rochester she goes
in search of him and finds Thornfield “burnt to a cinder” and the
residence residing at Fern dean manor

For the period of time this book was written, Jane’s thoughts and
actions defied the norm for women of the day. Her independence outruns
all expectations for women at this period of time, and is probably on
par with ladies of today, and rebels against stereotypical images of
women that have been present since the bible, such as men being the
stronger sex and women needing a man to succeed in life. Although
these trivial things are widely accepted as being untrue nowadays in
the nineteenth century it was though to be true and many people then
saw this novel as shocking and controversial. Therefore I can conclude
that Jane was an independent woman of her time and probably ours as

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