Jane's Resilience to Events in Jane Eyre Essay

Jane's Resilience to Events in Jane Eyre Essay

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Jane's Resilience to Events in Jane Eyre

The novel Jane Eyre was written by Charlotte Bronte in the 1840’s. Put
simply, it is the story of a woman who began her life with nothing but
aspired, against the odds, to gain recognition and a better social
status. Moreover, it is about her ability to cope with situations and
make decisions that affect her life and others. Through these
qualities it is possible to describe her as a heroine.

This essay will aim to show how Bronte conveys Jane’s resilience – her
ability to cope and repel suffering – to the audience. It will also
show how Bronte shows how Jane could be considered a heroine; not in
the clichéd sense of fighting evil but more like her ability to choose
good over evil, her selflessness, her courage and her overbearing will
to continue to live.

With such a poor social status (she was an orphan and a women, who
were seen as inferior and had far less opportunities in life during
the 1800s than men did), no money and no friends the character Jane
needed more than a little ambition and feistiness to succeed in
overcoming her obstacle-ridden life.

Bronte presents Jane at the beginning of the story as a young girl.
She is an orphan who lives with her aunt - Miss Reed - but is
extremely disliked by her because it was her uncle who adopted her and
is now dead. She also lives with Miss Reed’s three children, Eliza,
Georgiana and John who also despise her. Bronte communicates Jane’s
status in the family early on - Jane is considered an outcast and
treated as inferior to the rest of the family.

The torment she suffers is clear from the very beginning of the story,
and Bronte is quick to associate Jane’s relationship with the Reeds
with feelings of mis...

... middle of paper ...

...dly how Jane evolves from a
quiet and bullied girl to a full-grown woman capable of loving with
all her heart, respecting herself and finding happiness in unhappy
situations. Bronte also shows how Jane becomes a strong individual.

I think the novel shows very well how badly women were treated in the
1800’s but also why they deserved the same respect as men. It also
showed that status in society does not affect whether a person is bad
– this contrast is shown by Bronte in Jane, an orphan girl, being
good, and the Reeds, a rich respected family, being horrible.

Overall it is a very encouraging story, with many tragic moments but
also a happy ending. It not only leaves the reader understanding how
social status was viewed in the 1800’s but also leaves them with a
feeling of hope and the idea that anyone can change who they are, if
they are good people.

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