Essay on Holmes and Watson in the Detective Genre

Essay on Holmes and Watson in the Detective Genre

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Holmes and Watson in the Detective Genre

The detective performs a key role in the story and provides hope to
the reader, especially in the time when Sherlock Holmes was written.
Victorian life was hard, law-less and dangerous and especially in London.
In every story Conan Doyle

A vital component to the detective genre is the sleuth himself who in
these stories is portrayed as a convincing, sharp, and witty
character; a gentleman with intelligence, more so than the reader and
side kick, well rounded and good natured. The detective performs a key
role in the story and provides hope to the reader, especially in the
time when Sherlock Holmes was written. Victorian life was hard,
law-less and dangerous and especially in London. In every story Conan
Doyle provides a small insight into Holmes’s life and personality,
gradually making up a whole figure and mind set of the ingenious

‘with thin knees drawn up to his hawk-like nose’ This is taken from
the ‘Red Headed League’ and tells us about his build. He’s obviously
slim, but also very supple, and his hawk-like nose tells us that he is
of noble disposition.

This small line from the ‘Speckled Band’:

‘he picked up the steel poker, and with a sudden effort straightened
it out again’ Shows that even though Sherlock Holmes is not of a
stocky build, he still possesses immense strength to be summoned at

‘his tall spare figure’ indicates that his regal features do not stop
with his nose. His tall slender stature, ‘kindly eye’ not a harsh man
and with ‘long nervous hands’ his wiry figure are unmistakable.

In ‘A Scandal In Bohemia’ it makes it very clear that Holmes is so
absorbed in his work, he has no time in his busy schedule for the l...

... middle of paper ...

...d Band’ begins with Watson giving more information about
Holmes, describing him and his numerous habits.

The problem to be investigated is when Helen Stoner comes to Holmes to
explain her situation about her step father, sister and their place of
residence; Stoke Moran.

The crisis point is inside the room adjacent to Dr. Roylott’s with
Holmes sitting in the dark upon the bed.

The resolution is shown when Holmes goes into Roylott’s room and finds
him dead, bitten by the snake.

This story is very moral, because Dr. Roylott got what he deserved and
the crime was resolved.

Each story is unique, but each follows a similar problem which proves
very successful, but can become tedious and repetitive, as we can
guess the result of the crime.

The beginnings and endings, even though are of similar nature do
provide verity and interest for the reader.

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