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Dantes Inferno

In The Inferno, by Dante many of the sinners’ punishments are questionable to the sins they’ve committed. Like Dante, one feels great pity for many of the sinners that exist in all of the levels of Hell. Many of their retributions seem much too severe for some of the sins that just don’t seem that dire.

Francesca and Paolo di Rimini have no control over the love that develops between the two of them, but are forced to spend eternity in the Second Circle of Hell. The sinners in this area of Hell, the lustful, experience an eternity of torrential rain fall and extremely powerful winds, which toss the souls of these sinners throughout the air. After reading of Lancelot and Guinevere both Francesca and Paolo realize that they’re situation is just like theirs. Francesca does begin having an affair with her husband’s younger, better-looking brother; but how could either of the two resist a feeling like that? Lust, yeah it’s selfish, and maybe it hurts others but if one doesn’t give in to its lustful feelings that they too may get hurt. Her husband take...

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