Prevention Towards Suicide Attempts Among African American Adolescents Essay

Prevention Towards Suicide Attempts Among African American Adolescents Essay

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Everyone has gone through that stage of adolescence. Just trying to figure out oneself in the world and to think about what is to come of the future. With such an obstacle to tackle, some individuals get so lost from it all and compromise their mental health. It is reported that suicide continues to be the third leading cause of death in adolescence in the United States (Supple, et al., 2013, p. 830)This is alarming for adolescents everywhere; which is why prevention towards suicide attempts among African American adolescents should be taken into deep consideration. The purpose of this paper is to reduce the amount of suicide attempts in the African American community through the process of an identifying warning signs, coping skills and building protective factors.
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The mental health of an individual needs to be in consideration of importance when examining one’s wellbeing. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs suicide interrupts the third of level of love and belonging. Suicide taken high part in ending in an adolescence life, aside from all the high-risk activities such as car accidents, shootings, drugs and alcohol is a major health concern. Data was collected from adolescents who have attempted suicide that required medical attention in grades 9-12. The results from the group as per Health People 2020 (2016) states that there has been, “1.9 suicide attempts per 100 population” (para. 1). Additionally, within that population about 41% of African American adolescents have attempts of suicide than other races (Supple, et al., 2013, p. 15). The other ethnic groups that were involved in the study were consisted of Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and European Americans. ...

... middle of paper ... be willing to hear from other’s perspective that they are not alone in this process. Just acknowledging the fact that though one might be predisposed to a certain outcome, it doesn’t mean that the individual should become a statistic.
Based on the information about provided with identifying key warnings, coping skills and building multiple protective measures, it can be concluded that can be declined when people of the community are aware and implements healthy preventative measure to adolescences. Some may say that adolescences are just troubled kids with no direction. However, that same child is undergoing things and in need of some healthy guidance and protection against that individual’s mental health. When really, at the end of the day that’s all that truly matter. Dedicating oneself in creating a healthy prospering community for yours to come.

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