The Prevention Of The Hpv Vaccine Essay

The Prevention Of The Hpv Vaccine Essay

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Haack makes an excellent point about the accentuation of the extreme and rare result of HPV infections. When other contributing factors such as not smoking aren’t mentioned as being just as effective if not more effective than the vaccine at preventing cervical cancer. This opens up even more areas to where the money spent on vaccines can be spent. The focus can still be on preventing cervical cancer however it can have more flow on effects in some cases for example increased funding for stopping smoking. This has benefits in terms of nearly all areas of health and also economic and environmental benefits.
Proponents of the HPV vaccine: One of the supporters of the HPV vaccine is the NZ HPV project. The project is run by the NZ HPV professional advisory board. There may be a bias towards the vaccine despite the costs as the board is made up of entirely medical professionals, including gynaecologists, sexual health physicists, GP’s, paediatrics and dermatologists. They state that their goal is “to provide health and medical professionals with user-friendly educational material that will assist with the diagnosis, treatment and management of genital warts, and genital HPV.” It is worth noting that although they make no mention of the ministry of health they do say that funding comes from district health boards which are all appointed by the ministry of health. Funding was likely given because the ministry also supports the regulation of HPV. None of the pages on the website about vaccination provide any links, sources or references which is worrying in terms of correct information however I didn’t find any contradictory statements to the accepted facts and stats about the vaccine. After exploring the website further I believe I h...

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...HPV types that it is made clear to all patients that it is not a cervical cancer vaccine but a HPV vaccine. This means that regular cervical smear tests are still a necessity to ensure they do not develop cervical cancer.
My proposed plan is likely to be effective as it will ensure that large amounts of money don’t have the possibility of being wasted. Even if it is found that those administered at the very start do last for a long period of time very few lives will be altered drastically by cervical cancer so long as smear tests are completed regularly and regular vaccinations for year 8 girls can begin again. I think this is the best balance given economic, biological and social factors. It also still provides the option for those who do want the vaccine making sure that the choice is still there to protect against HPV while the wait for evidence is occurring.

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