Prevention of School Bullying Essay

Prevention of School Bullying Essay

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School bullying is a problem that has been going on from the beginning; however, it has been underestimated in many school systems. Some schools try to portray themselves as “Bully Free” institutions to ignore this problem. Consequently, students feel reluctant to report bullying activities in the school which make bullying victims more vulnerable. The reality is that bullying cannot be fixed by ignoring it. School bullying can be damaging on the development of young children, if it is not addressed very promptly.
Bullying’s prevention is the school’s responsibility. It needs to be assessed in the school system to protect the students. There have been numerous occasion where students are subjects to bullying in the classroom. “School programs and policies can be effective if all adults in the school, faculty and staff, take a stand against bullying” (Austin et al. 284).
To resolve the issues that come up with bullying, the issues must be faced before they begin. Many people say that good parenting can prohibit bullying, and it is true. If children are appropriately taught when th...

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