Prevention Of Chronic Disease And Improving Public Health Essay

Prevention Of Chronic Disease And Improving Public Health Essay

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The United States health care system even though it boasted as the leader in the world when it comes to technology and resources that truth of the matter is the health care system in the US is mediocre at best. This mediocre system when aggregated across the US found that the quality of life and life span for Americans is significantly lower than other developed countries. Through a lot of analysis on the health care system and its effects on the American people it is safe to say that over 50 million American fall through the crack every year due to being uninsured or lacking adequate health insurance. To fix the current health care system and get more people insured President Barrack Obama signed into law March 23rd, 2010 a health insurance reform called the Affordable Care Act H.R. 3590 (ACA).There are many part of the ACA, Title IV. Prevention of Chronic Disease and Improving Public Health is the one that will have the biggest impact in the US.
“If we want to truly reform health care to benefit American families, we need to transition from a system focused primarily on treating the sick to one that helps keep people well throughout their lives.”(Read the Law)In Title IV. Prevention of Chronic Disease and Improving Public Health of the Affordable Care Act embodies what it means to be healthy? Everyone has their own definition of health but it’s defined as “the state of complete physical, mental, social and “spiritual” wellbeing not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.”(WHO) The absence of diseases and infirmity is the crux of Title IV in this part of the ACA which targets chronic disease prevention that has been the leading causes of death in America since 1900s.
Title IV. Prevention of Chronic Disease and Improving ...

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...ain care; increase awareness; and report to Congress on findings and recommendations.
Title IV of ACA is imperative for the survival of all Americans, Title IV to me focuses on humans beings having an equal chance at life with these preventative services. No one needs to have all the money in the world to get these services and no one’s needs to be so poor that they have a poor quality of life to get these services. I switched from the medical field of nursing to public health because I don’t’ like to see imaginary dollars signs going through physicians minds and denying care to someone because they cannot profit off the sick. That mentality is archaic and with the four essential parts of Title IV it reduces and hopefully eliminates that profit side of health care and will focus solely on the education and preventive measures for everyone.

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