Preventing Unionization At The New Plant Essay

Preventing Unionization At The New Plant Essay

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GMFC is hoping to open a new plant within the United States that would specialize in recreation vehicles. Management would like to open the factory of 500 employees as a nonunion plant but they are worried that the United Automobile Workers (UAW) and other unions will attempt to unionize. There are many benefits to keeping the plant union-free such as, higher profits, flexible policies to better serve employees, and higher productivity. This paper will look at specific recommendations GMFC can do to prevent unionization at the new plant and still be competitive in the industry.
Hiring about 500 employees for the new plant raises some concerns. Considered a medium-sized plant, it is important for management to implement human resource (HR) policies efficiently. While a large plant is harder to unionize, if management does not implement HR properly, there is more likely a chance they will unionize (Fossum, 2012). GMFC has to be sure they can handle a plant with about 500 employees and that their HR team is up for the task. A plant consisting of about 500 employees has a lot of individual needs and voices to be heard. Sure enough, HR may not be able to listen to every single complaint but they need to be able to respond to the majority of complaints and inquiries. Additionally, there are some employment laws that have specific stipulations depending on how many employees are hired at the plant.
The location of the plant is very important in trying to keep the plant union-free. In the Northeast and Midwest portion of the United States, unionized workers are at their highest while in the South and rural areas, unionized workers are at their lowest (Fossum, 2012). It is preferable to base the location in the...

... middle of paper ...

...hese concerns seriously and listen to the employees. Management needs to adopt the role of being the voice for their employees, while this will not work in all circumstances but by listening and trying to fix the majority of complaints will be beneficial in the end (United Auto Workers, 2015).
In conclusion, GMFC has many options to keep the new plant union-free. Basing the plant in the south and mirroring many of the union 's policies and procedures, will keep employees content and less likely to unionize. Also, keeping the plant at a medium-size will help management and HR to respond to complaints and work with employees efficiently without hindering production. Creating a philosophy laden work environment helps GMFC in the long run because they implement policies and practices that are right for the employees and keep them from wanting to organize.

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