Preventing The Mental Health Of Homeless Children And Youth Essay

Preventing The Mental Health Of Homeless Children And Youth Essay

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The thought of becoming homelessness for any individual can be stressful, scary, over whelming and even traumatic. Now imagine what that must feel like for a child, someone who may not have developed the cognitive skills to understand that harsh and drastic changes they are experiencing with their families. According to the text “Protecting the Mental Health of Homeless Children and Youth” by HCH Clinician Network (2000), the author’s state,
“Loss of stability and safety; fractured families; hunger; overcrowded living conditions; disrupted education; secondary to multiple moves; increased exposure to disease, violence substance abuse, and metal illness- these are the conditions elicit and exacerbate emotional problems in homeless children” (p. 1). In essence, the authors remind us that these combinations of factors are influencing the child’s state of being. Both children who are on the verge of becoming homelessness and those who are experiencing homelessness are affected physically, emotionally and developmentally. However, the child’s age is a factor that should also be taken into consideration when assessing the needs of children, as there are different stages and developmental milestones within the various age groups. For the sake of the assignment I am going to limit my claims to school aged children.
Children experiencing homelessness tend to have many physical health problems. According to her text “Homelessness and its Effects on Children”, Ellen Hart-Shegos, states “Environmental factors contribute to homeless children’s poor health […] homeless children are at greater risk for asthma and lead poising” (1999, p. 4). This argument is relatively significant because it speaks on the living conditions endured by these ch...

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...lls necessary to gain self-esteem, so they can stay motivated and take steps necessary to continue to seek services and stay involved, I also think social workers should allow their clients the opportunity to work with them to get their lives back to a stable place. According to the text “Commentary: A consumer Perspective on Parenting While Homeless” by Gladys Fondfield-Ayinla (2009), she states, “Homeless services programs would benefit by moving away from dehumanizing language. Labels like “case manager” or are not helpful because they set up hierarchy […] anyone seeking services for their families would want to contribute to treatment planning for their children and themselves” (p. 300). Furthermore, clients need to feel appreciated and involved so that they can stay motivated and so that they can show their children that they have control over their situation.

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