Preventing the Extinction of the Simpona Lemur Essay

Preventing the Extinction of the Simpona Lemur Essay

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When many hear about a lemur, they immediately think of the movie Madagascar and the fun loving role that is played by the lemur King Julien; similarly, when hearing the name Madagascar, many think of the land of the lemurs. However, what would happen if there were no more lemurs? This is a harsh but readily approaching reality of Madagascar today. Lemurs are known as the world’s most endangered mammals, and specifically the Simpona, otherwise known as the Silky Sifaka lemur, is critically endangered. If treatments of Madagascar’s habitat, specificity the small mountainous area of northeastern Madagascar where the Simpona lemur reside, continue being treated as they are today, this will not only lead to the complete extinction of this rare Lemur, but it will also affect the economic standing in Madagascar as a whole. Therefore, it is vital to recognize the solutions and act on them in order to prevent these devastating occurrences.
Lemurs are known to be not only the most endangered mammal, but possibly the most endangered vertebrates on the planet. According to IUCN’s Red list of Threatened species, it is reported that “23 of the species are now considered 'critically endangered,' 52 are 'endangered,' and 19 are 'vulnerable'” (Andrainarivo). Simpona lemurs are one of the most endangered species of lemurs. In total there are approximately less than 250 mature Simpona lemurs in the wild as of 2013 (Andrainarivo). The Simpona lemur is only found in a small mountainous area of northeastern Madagascar. Of the many endangered species of lemurs in Madagascar, the Simpona is one of the three most critically endangered. Not only are they one of the top three critically endangered species of lemurs, but are known to be one of the top 25 mo...

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