Essay on Preventing Terrorism

Essay on Preventing Terrorism

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Winston Churchill once said, “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” So as a nation, the conflicts we now find ourselves engaged in requires the innovative development of strategies, which go beyond our past conventional thought. We must force ourselves to think of new ways to defeat or prevent a new kind of enemy from accomplishing his mission, one that is generally unseen, is driven ideologically, does not seek a set battle, and is like no other faced before. The theme of this monograph is to suggest measures that could be implemented to prevent terrorism, from an emergency management perspective. It will also seek to provide an explanation of the intelligence cycle and structure of the United States intelligence community, with an examination of some of the existing problems in counterterrorism intelligence in the United States.
Everything we do for prevention of a terrorist act will have a trade-off. The more precise the information we receive about a specific threat, the more narrow we can make our focus in order to intervene to prevent the threat. This will be very beneficial in maintaining the community support networks, because of a possible reduced disruption and inconvenience to a large majority of people, along with a more efficient use of resources (Chertoff, 2007). Emergency managers should use the all-hazards approach for planning; in concert with preparedness and response exercises to help build the community support networks, and familiarize everyone with plans, policies, agreements, and procedures. Then conduct drills, functional exercises, and full-scale exercises: validate plans, policies, agreements, and procedures; clarify roles and responsibilities; and ide...

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...pping the actions of this growing and determined nemesis.

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