Preventing Terrorism: Government Control in Communication Essay example

Preventing Terrorism: Government Control in Communication Essay example

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Surely the government should have some leeway over electronic communications, so as to prevent further terrorism. The fact that the terrorist attack on September 11th could have been prevented, had the information been accessed in time, exhibits the need for more government control in communication. According to Harris, “The Watchers” had all of the information needed to alert authorities of the incoming attack, but did not piece it together in time. These “Watchers” surely could have prevented the attack with more formidable access to the intelligence needed. Some would suggest that the intensive surveillance by the government could be turned in the favor of those wishing to attack us. Attacks such as this have taken place in Greece, whose mobile phone network was used to access government communications by non-government employees. Landau expressed concern towards such attacks stating that “The U.S. Government is opting for short-term security and creating dangerous long term risks.” Though the threat of terrorism is real, the benefits of government surveillance are without a doubt prevailing. Many cases of juvenile crime have been justified by monitoring the suspects or perpetrators. In many cases the offender will wear a location device to ensure his or her commitment to the terms (Sklaver). In conclusion, there should be a balance between safety, and government control. Too much government control could lead to the downfall of the United States security, too little could leave it vulnerable to attack.
Similarly, mobile communications can be used to help citizens to collaborate with federal workers. Carnegie Mellon University has set up a mobile application in which citizens can take a picture on his or her smartphone and up...

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