Essay about Preventing PEDs in Professional Sports

Essay about Preventing PEDs in Professional Sports

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The use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) among athletes in professional sports has caused an outrage all around the world for many years.
The use of PEDs not only affects the athlete that chooses to use them, but also the athletes they are competing against, other teams, and the team or country they are representing (“Survey Reveals”). It is important for athletes to maintain a good reputation in competition, because they need to represent their team in a positive manner and not create suspicion or problems surrounding the athlete and the team. Using PEDs will cause negative issues and poor reputations for the affected team. For instance, Austrian skier Johannes Duerr admitted to using EPO and was eliminated from competition. Duerr said, “This is the worst thing I’ve done in my life” (Dunbar). President of the Austrian Olympic Committee, Karl Stoss said that the Austrian team tried to distance itself from Duerr. Getting caught for PED use will hurt the reputation of the athletes and their teams. The use of PEDs also has long term physical effects. These include: acne and increased body hair, and even more serious effects including tumors and cancer in the liver, increased cholesterol levels and — in some men — shrunken testicles (Jost).
Athletes and coaches all around the world sometimes turn to PEDs to gain a competitive edge and improve overall athletic performance (Survey Reveals). They feel that using a substance will give them more energy and drive and, overall, be able to perform better in competition. However, the use of PEDs in competition is considered to be cheating and poor sportsmanship. For example, if a track athlete competed against an athlete that was under the influence of a performance enhancing drug, ...

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...on drug use in competition, and with the use of these possible solutions, hopefully in the future; doping will no longer be a major issue in professional sports.

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