Preventing Childhood Obesity in Australia Essay

Preventing Childhood Obesity in Australia Essay

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Childhood obesity is becoming more prevalent in the western world as statistics show that in Australia, one quarter of children are either overweight or obese. (Australian Bureau of statistics)
Teachers have a role and opportunity to be an influence on students. They can train and develop good eating habits as well as encourage physical activity.

The age 2-6 will be the focus of preventing obesity. This is a fantastic age group to work with as they are at the age to start good habits in all areas of life.

Through this essay and backed by research, I will show how physical education is important for 2-6 years old. I will explain a way that teachers can play a role in preventing obesity. I will then finish off with three practical ways to assist in preventing obesity in this age group.
As previously stated, 2-6 years olds will be the focus. This is an amazing area of development as well as a lot of fun because children from experience are so eager to learn. (Mcdevitt, 2010, p20) states ‘this age is a period of incredible creativity, fantasy and play’.

Physically, 2-6 year olds are refining their gross and fine motor skills such as being able to catch a ball, skipping hopping and running (Mcdevitt, 2010, p24). This is important because their ability to refine their skills improves the more they practice and as they get older. An example of this is stated in (Berk, 2000, p177) ‘at the age of 2 and 3, they throw a ball rigidly, using only their arms but by the time they reach 4 and 5, they rotate the body and step forward as they throw it.
As children get older, they learn that the world isn’t all about them and they start to interact with their peers. According to (Mcdevitt & Ormorand, 2010, p24) this is called cognitiv...

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...ensory and motor system.
In this essay I have managed to find references and form my own opinion based on the role of teachers and obesity. I have found that forming healthy eating habits and physical activity are a must in preventing this. I have also been able to show how the development of children is important through eating habits and physical activity. To conclude, teachers need to take obesity seriously and put into practices the preventions and actions that I have stated if they want to make a difference in student’s lives so that students adapt to healthy living all through their childhood and on to becoming an adult.

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