Essay about Preventing Burnout Among Newly Graduated Nurses

Essay about Preventing Burnout Among Newly Graduated Nurses

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Team Name & Number: JABEER-J, Team 6

Topic: Preventing burnout in newly graduated nurses

Issue: Burnout is prevalent among newly graduated nurses, affecting 1 of 5 nurses in the first three years of their career (Rudman & Gustavsson, 2011, p.293). Our goal is to prevent burnout among newly graduated nurses by minimizing the psychological distress they experience in their first few years as a nurse.

A current study shows that 66% of new graduate nurses experience severe burnout due to poor workplace environment (Laschinger & Fida, 2014, p. 20). Rudman and Gustavsson (2011) reported that newly graduated nurses have 50% chance of developing high levels of severe burnout during their second year post graduation (p. 292). According to Manitoba Nurses Union (2014), “studies show that many new nurses experience burnout, with 43% of new nurses reporting a high level of psychological distress, while 13% intend to leave the profession” (p. 5).
Stress due to increased workload causes mental health issues that can result in an increase in absenteeism, decrease in employee efficiency, and elevated turnover rates (Walinga, 2014, p.672). Newly graduate nurses working within the first two years of practice experience nearly 60% of burnout and turnover rates primarily due to stress and heavy workloads (Canadian Human Health Resources Network, 2012, para. 1).
Moreover, excessive workload can lead to nurse burnout, fatigue, and absenteeism, which result in compromised patient care outcomes and increased health care costs (Berry & Curry, 2012, p.22). A 7% increase in mortality rate is expected for every additional patient added to a nurse’s average workload (Canadian Federation of Nurses Union [CFNU], 2012, p.5). It is important to...

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...ram or Facebook on a mobile device, it would then link to an app store (IOS/Android) where users could download the app on their phone for free.
To ensure the app remains relevant over time, we would hold monthly contests to win nursing apparel for people who answer questions posted in the app. To actively engage readers, we will have a support section in the app which allows individuals to ask questions to other users, as well as receive personalized feedback or tips from other registered nurses in the group.

Burnout in newly graduated nurses is a prevalent issue which requires immediate attention to ensure nurses are not leaving the profession due to undue stress and psychological distress. Our mobile app provides nurses with a resource that is accessible and easy to use, while providing healthy coping strategies for managing and preventing burnout.

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