Preventing Being Attacked By A Shark Essay

Preventing Being Attacked By A Shark Essay

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You are swimming in the ocean off shore admiring the little colorful sea creatures, all of a sudden, you see a 10 foot shark swimming towards you. His sharp teeth are visible from distance, his big torso and muscles frighten you. What did you possibly do wrong to get the shark’s attention? How could you possibly get out from this situation without major harm. You know you could’ve prevented this, but do you know how? Here are some tips on preventing being attacked by a shark. Colorful outfits mislead sharks into thinking you are fish. Under no circumstances swim in the ocean when you are bleeding. Prevent wearing shiny objects, they can catch a shark’s attention in a second. Seagulls diving into the ocean? Get away from there. If you panic, do not splash, swim. Algae can be gross, but it is your best friend.
Colorful outfits mislead sharks into thinking there is fish around. This happens, because sharks are only able to see shadows in color. Fish are known for their colorful patterns and details. Prevent wearing any bright outfit, specially if it has some sort of pattern. Try wearing colors like; black, gray, or white. These colors may prevent being bait for sharks, because majority of sea creatures that have this color are dolphins and whales. Sharks have no interest in attacking dolphins or whales, although seals appear to be gray to black, wearing these colors will still minimize the chances of being attacked by a deadly shark.
More than six months ago, I read a story about a surfer who got attacked by a shark while he was surfing off the coast in Hawaii. A huge tiger shark bit his left foot and instinctively the surfer knew what he needed to do. The surfer punched the shark twice, immediately, the shark swam away. This surfer ...

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...h, and will attempt to eat you. Under any circumstances splash when a shark is near by. Splashes will get you bitten if there is a shark, remember to keep calm and swim in the water, not out of the water. This will prevent you from splashing and calling a shark’s attention.
With knowledge of all these tips, you now find yourself swimming off shore, wearing a colorless outfit and admiring all the colorful sea creatures. You know you can’t stay long, because there might be a shark near by. Swimming peacefully away from this colorful creatures you enjoy your day at the beach without any harm from sharks. Inform yourself, before you even
get the chance of being in danger. Minimize your possibilities of being attacked with the tips provided. It will increase enjoying your time when visiting the home of the sharks, the ocean. Respect their home and they will respect you.

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