Preventative Measures of Alcohol Consumption in Kazakhstan Essay

Preventative Measures of Alcohol Consumption in Kazakhstan Essay

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At the recent years Kazakhstani society has identified the increase of levels of alcohol consumption as a major problem, along with corruption, poverty, unemployment, and epidemic illnesses. Current levels of alcohol consumption would seem to be high enough to place Kazakhstan amongst the heaviest spirits-drinking countries in the world, although not high enough for the top place. Many of Kazakhstani social, demographic and health problems are attributable to the misuse of alcohol. According to Davis, this view is shared with some Western analysts who have studied the effects of heavy drinking in Post-Soviet states and have predicted that addiction could become one of the greatest obstacles to public health and social progress(as cited in Waters & Thom, 2007). Practice has shown that normal development of the country is impossible without preventative and restrictive alcohol policy (National Center for Problems of Healthy Lifestyle Development, 2010).
However, there has been a limited amount of research on preventative measures of alcohol abuse in Kazakhstan. Such research is crucial to inform the development of the process of helping community to recognise its increased vulnerability before the current situation with increasing rates of alcohol consumption. In addition, such research is vital for analyzing the success of government’s politics and policies on this complex and hazardous topic.
Unfortunately, the volume of academic and professional writings is small. Some data on aspects of alcohol consumption and harm were gathered by various government agencies, but remained for the most part outside the public domain. The Kazakhstani press began to raise the problem of high consumption in the late 1990s and work by experts fro...

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...lcohol consumption in the Region, 2006).

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