Preventable Medical Errors Are Preventable Essay

Preventable Medical Errors Are Preventable Essay

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Preventable medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in America, behind heart disease and cancer.( Allen, Marshall., 2013.), and represent a major public health problem, despite years of efforts to eliminate them.
According to David E. Attarian(2015) , an adverse medical event or error is one that causes an injury to a patient as a result of a medical intervention rather than the underlying medical condition. As Attarian ( 2015) describes it later, these events are complex, resulting from overlap of many factors; system errors combined with human errors. They might be the result of changing technology, poor management decisions, dysfunctional culture, poor cooperation, inadequate resources, poor documentation, staffing issues, poor communication, lack of knowledge, fatigue, failure to follow rules, technical mistakes, and finally the inability to cope with complexities or the demands of the health care system. Attarian(2015) views preventable or avoidable adverse events are a direct result of failure to follow recognized, evidence-based practices or guidelines at the individual and/or the system level.
The National Academy of Sciences/ The Institute of Medicine.,( 1999)., also lists decentralized and fragmented nature of care as one of the reasons for medical errors, explaining later that majority of errors do not happen as a result of a reckless behavior of one individual, they usually result from system failures, processes, and conditions that lead people to make mistakes. In spite of the sophisticated medical technology, equipment, medications, safety policies and protocols, every year thousands of patients get harmed due to a preventable medical errors. The numbers are staggering, and it seem that every time res...

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...efore surgical incision, and the period during or immediately after wound closure but before removing the patient from the operating room.
The WHO checklist is not intended to be comprehensive, allowing modifications to fit local practices.
Building a culture of safety is a major step in improving the outcomes of surgical procedures and a patient safety. The WHO Safety Checklist, is designed to achieve just that, but it is not a regulatory instrument. Hospitals, surgeons, and all health care staff must be willing to constantly reevaluate that what they are doing is safe, and look for ways to improve and do better. Mistakes happen, it is human to err, however collaboration and communication amongst all involved in the care of one patient is the key to driving forward the culture of safety, as only when people work together a real progress happens.

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