Prevalence of Violence Among Teenagers Essay

Prevalence of Violence Among Teenagers Essay

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Why is violence more prevalent among young people?
According to Wilson, Lipsey, &, Derson, (2003, pp. 49-139) “Youth violence refers to the intentional use of physical force or power by youth against another person or group that is likely to result in injury or death.” Violence is one of the key causes of death amongst the youth. While violence can be both fatal and non-fatal, it is the most prevalent way that the youth use to show disagreement, difference of opinion or solve problems. In America alone, violence amongst the youth is the number one cause of premature death, and the main cause of injury. Additionally, violence is amongst the main causes of disability. Additionally, in most developed countries, gun related violence has become the most common cause of fatalities. While the youths are considered violent because of drug abuse, there are many causes of violence. (Hawkins, Farrington, &, Catalano, 1998, pp. 188–216). This paper seeks to explain violence, causes of violence as well as the prevalence of violence amongst the youth
Causes of violence
While violence is increasingly considered as a social problem, it is mainly a way by which the youths externalize their psychological turmoil. For example, teens who are mentally, emotionally, and physically unstable see violence as the only way to solve problems. All social and psychological problems come into play whenever the youth become violent. For example, America registered the highest number of violent crimes because six out of every 1000 youths between the ages 10-17 were involved in violence (, 2013). Additionally, 154,000 violent crimes involved the youth. Compared to the year 1993, this indicates that violence amongst the youth increa...

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...videos that idolize crime and violence. The youth finds criminal ideas on the internet, TV and radios and to an extent, portray the violent individuals in the society as heroes, this is a negative influence on the youth.
To be a youth is a blessing, but sometimes in disguise, in that most youth due to modernity are at risk even more than adults. Scholars have developed a series of approaches to control the violence prevalent among the young people laying their focus mostly in changing behaviors, attitudes and beliefs. These programs are often implemented within the school and college setting with an aim to reduce the violence but according to statistics the percentage of youth involved in these violent activities continues to increase year in year out. Some parents and guardian have warned of the dangers caused by violence though this has not succeeded.

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