The Prevalence Of The Cold War Essay

The Prevalence Of The Cold War Essay

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I personally believe that the prevalence of the Cold War being in Europe had a lot to do with the United States assisting Europe. At this time Russia has had enough of the United States and can’t stand for their actions. This also caused the Cold War to be leaked into other countries.
After World War II the Axis powers were separated into smaller areas and part of this area was in Soviet territory. Keeping that in mind due to the financial struggles of Europe it would be easier for a communistic overthrow of their government, because of this the United States steps in to reduce the chance of the spread of communism. They achieve this by supporting Europe through the Marshall program with a large percentage of the support coming from the United States, $20 million was raised. With this financial aid Europe was able to double their 1940 output by the year 1963. Now back to what I stated earlier the Soviet Union is in the easiest of terms unhappy with the United States. The Soviet Union is highly angered by the support given to Europe and this caused them to put up the Berlin Blockade. The United States devoted to aid their allies flew in the supplies needed until troops were able to demolish the blockade. Backing my support of believing that the reason the cold war was in Europe was due to America’s involvement with foreign affairs.
An area outside of Europe that was affected by the Cold War was North and South Korea. The reason these two were struck by the Cold was, because Russia wanted North Korea to invade South Korea and convert it to Communism. While initially the United States didn’t want to get involved when they considered that North Korea would easily take over South Korea if aid was not sent action was taken immediatel...

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...t Zionist migration to Syria as they don’t acknowledge their title and believe that they are a grave peril to their people.
Due to a higher amount of Jews seeking to flee to Palestine that initially expected the British tried to limit the amount Jews that could enter in hopes it wouldn’t anger the Arabs. Unfortunately they were unable to control the amount coming in due to militant Zionist organizations sneaking them in without papers. This caused war among the neighboring people by the 1930s the country was experiencing strikes and guerilla warfare that was uncontrollable. Because of this Britain received hatred from both sides.
Due to the Jewish population making their way into Palestine war and mistrust between the neighboring territories seemed to quickly take place. Even now the amount of hatred between everyone is easily seen war between them is continuous.

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