Essay about The Prevalence Of Sexually Transmitted Infections ( Stis )

Essay about The Prevalence Of Sexually Transmitted Infections ( Stis )

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The prevalence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) has tripled over the past decade in Australia, and adolescent and young adults are the main affected population. The prevention of STIs through health promotion and community education are just as important as the treatment. The purpose of this assignment is to analyse Safe Sex No Regret (SSNR) -- an initiative that aims to educate and promote safe sex practice targeting on people aged 15-29, with Precede-Proceed Model (PPM) and primary health care (PHC) principles.
Definition of primary health care and PRECEDE-PROCEED Model
Primary health care was initially viewed as a way of achieving ‘health for all’ that introduced in the Declaration of Alma-Ata from a conference hosted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1978. The Declaration is considered as a landmark for the development of PHC. Currently, PHC is identified as the first level of contact individuals, families and communities have with the health care system, in order to incorporate personal care with health promotion, the prevention of illness and community development. Seven principles, including accessibility, appropriate technology, increasing emphasis on health promotion, health education, cultural sensitivity and cultural safety, inter-sectorial collaboration, and public participation, are used to guide PHC (McMurray & Clendon, 2010).
Health campaigns/programs is one of the most common approaches in PHC to encourage environmental and behaviour modifications that lead to good health for individuals. The Precede-Proceed planning model is widely used to assist health practitioners to design and evaluate programs based on evidence. In other words, PPM is a tool for designing, implementing, and ...

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...ehaviour change through one or two health promotions is limited. Continuous behaviour reinforcement and greater frequency of exposure of the campaign may be required.
Primary health care is a foundation for health promotion, as it empowers individuals and communities in making health choices which will benefit their health and overall wellbeing. Precede-proceed model is very useful to structure a health campaign. By analysing the Safe Sex No Regret campaign, the campaign successfully increases the awareness of STIs and safe sex practise among young people. However, the changes of their sexual behaviour requires consistent education and behaviour reinforcement. The need of specific sexual education programs for parents and culturally considerate promotions for in Indigenous population were identified as limitations to the SSNR as well.


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