Prevalence Of Hiv / Aids Epidemic Essay

Prevalence Of Hiv / Aids Epidemic Essay

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Older adults nationwide are facing disproportionate levels of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This is especially true among Hispanic older adults. In 2013, 8,575 or 27% of HIV/AIDS diagnoses in the U.S. were among people aged 50 and older. Among these, 44% were among those aged between 50 and 54 years old. Hispanic older adults are disproportionately affected with HIV/AIDS , compared with non-Hispanic white older adults. In 2013, the HIV rate for adults Hispanic aged 50-54 in 2013 was 23.3 per 100,000. In constrast, rate for the non-Hispanic white for the same age group was at 8.7 per 100,000. In all cases, men who had sex with men were more likely to be diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Older adults are more likely to be diagnosed with HIV infection later in the course of the disease, meaning a later start to treatment and possibly more damage to the immune system. As a result, 59% of AIDS-related deaths in 2013 were those aged 50 and older.
The picture of HIV/AIDS in the Hispanic community as a whole is even dearer than that among Hispanic older adults. In 2013, 23% of all new HIV/AIDS diagnoses were among Hispanics. Research data indicate that there are a number of social, economic, and individual factors that contribute to the higher rates of HIV/AIDS among the aging Hispanic community. These are summarized below:
• Poverty and lack of access to health insurance: Hispanic older adults experience a high rate of poverty and economic insecurity, compared to the larger population in the U.S. Twenty percent of U.S. Hispanic older adults aged 65 and older are poor compared with 10% of the older adult population as a whole. Moreover, about one in four of all uninsured people nationwide is Hispanic, and during the fall of 2014, 25%...

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... sexual partners who have sex with men apart from their relationship with them, contributing to susceptibility of Hispanic women to HIV/AIDS. In addition, among men who have sex with men, stigma in the Hispanic community may result in them living a hidden sexual life, which contributes to unsafe sexual practices and the spread of HIV infection. Finally, Hispanics older adults are more likely to have sex with those of their own race and ethnicity, which statistically makes them more susceptible to being exposed to HIV.
• Cultural or Social Issues from outside the Hispanic community: Physicians often do not consider HIV symptoms among older adults as being attributed to HIV and therefore, they do not recommend testing. Instead, they assume that these symptoms are part of the aging process. In the same way, education campaigns often do not target older adults.

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