The Prevalence Of Distraction And Technology Induced Disobedience Essay

The Prevalence Of Distraction And Technology Induced Disobedience Essay

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Modern high school systems are troubled and challenged with the prevalence of distraction and technology-induced disobedience. The common problem among the majority of high school students is their overwhelming familiarity with rapid paced technological innovation. This retrofitted environment promotes impatience, disobedience and unfocussed students. I have personally witnessed a severe adaptation in the manner students are perceiving and interacting with teachers and instructors. The students have become predominantly dependent on rapid updates, instant messaging, and unfortunately their cell phones during school hours and activities. This over-dependence on rapid updates and technology has accumulated to an impatient, unintellectual and conformed school environment that cannot continue. To combat this issue, we must implement a program that promotes patience and concentration; a program such as high school fishing.
Ever since students have been introduced to the technological innovations of the late 2000’s, they have been introduced to a new manner of accepting information. The information must be obtainable within seconds, taking minimal effort to produce a solution. Students are expecting their information and activities to become quicker and quicker, however, they are now finding their dreary six hours school days longer and longer. This adaptation in the way in which we approach school has created an impatient, anxious environment that is far from producing a suitable, productive school system. It has become more and more challenging to combat the ever-growing dependence on cell phones and rapid updates, and to eliminate the distractions. Imagine if we could institute a program that reinvigorated the student’s patience, en...

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...endence on technology, and distraction and to create an environment that promotes patience, focus and production. The opportunity to fish among colleagues may just be the solution to taking people away from their cell phones and away from the video games. Fishing gives students the chance to rationally focus on their technique toward catching a fish, and gain patience while learning to wait for the bite. Quite simply, participation in fishing gives people the opportunity to take a hiatus from modern distraction, and explore an activity that requires an upmost focus, and lack of distraction to be successful. This new approach toward an extracurricular activity may very well change the student approach toward school. With their newly acquired values, students can work cooperatively to establish and maintain a focused, productive and fulfilling school environment.

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