Essay on The Prevalence Of Disease And A Lack Of Health Care

Essay on The Prevalence Of Disease And A Lack Of Health Care

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The continent of Africa is often associated with disease and a lack of health care. Robert Collins focuses on this issue by selecting authors that discus both the historical, geographical, and economic explanation for the prevalence of disease in Africa as well as discussing external factors, such as colonialism, which have severely impacted health care on the continent. Africa has always struggled with certain diseases, such as malaria and sleeping sickness, but when much of the continent was colonized, new disease, such as small pox and more sexually transmitted diseases were introduced to the African people. Colonization did bring with it a few advances in the medical field like new treatments for old diseases as well as modern medical facilities. In general, colonization brought more bad then good. The diseases brought to the continent have reach a large amount of the African population, while most Africans do not see the benefits of modern medicine because it is reserved for the elite and those in cities where most of the facilities and health care providers are located. The continent as a whole still faces many problems relating to health care and epidemics that it did during colonization, even though certain practices and health care systems vary regionally and according to government structure.
Collin’s presents the first article, which focuses on medical expertise on the African continent. Its author, Una Maclean, states that the reason Africa is currently facing issues with disease and epidemics is due to the misuse of medical knowledge and poor distribution of resources (Collins 83). An example that shows the misdistribution of resource can be seen when delving into many African countries health budget. Numerous Afr...

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...ion becomes a major issue and is more likely to affect women and children. STDs also become more of an issue under these conditions because males might have to travel in order to find work and are more likely to seek sexual partners outside of a relationship (103). Women ands young girls might also find themselves in conditions where they must have sex for money in order to support their family. This is a serious problem because they are often uneducated on safe sex practices and STDs can spread rapidly through a population. In order to counteract the spread of AIDS and other STDs it is important to educate every part of the population because they are all involved in the spreading of disease. From elite males in society to low-income prostitutes it is important to make them aware how diseases can be spread, how to prevent the spread of diseases, societal assumptions

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