The Prevalence Of Childhood Obesity Essay

The Prevalence Of Childhood Obesity Essay

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Childhood obesity is rapidly becoming an epidemic in Canada as the prevalence is consistently rising in Canada. From the most recent estimate 32% of children aged 5-17 years old is classified as either overweight or obese, which is defined as having BMI of 25-29.99, for overweight and having a BMI of 30 or over which is classified as obese. Furthermore, only 7% of Canadian children are meeting Canada’s Physical Activity Guidelines of 60 minutes of physical activity 6 days a week. Childhood obesity has been strongly linked to several chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension. As the rate of chronic health conditions associated with obesity rises, it has become a financial detriment to Canada’s health care system; obesity related health care issues costs Canadians 4.6-7.1 billion dollars annually, while diabetes costs 2.5 billion dollars annually. The increasing prevalence of obesity can be attributed to factors such as low household income, knowledge deficit and decreased accessibility to health care services and reliable information.
The ideal program to address this problem will be a multi-faceted program that will provide an upstream approach of primary prevention in order to address the root causes of the problem as well as implementation of an initiative that will address both individual and the socio-economic factors that contribute to unhealthy weight. I will explicate and discuss the strengths and challenges of two programs that set out to improve the child obesity rates in Canada.
ParticipACTION is a program that aims to make physical activity is a vital part of everyday life. They help Canadians sit less and move more through engagement initiatives and through leadership. Our He...

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... provincial, territorial and federal government to act without implementing any of their own programs. In terms of longevity, ParticipACTION is ongoing and is constantly being updated with the newest statistics and evidence-based findings, while Our Health, Our Future were a 6-month long program that has ceased and is no longer being updated.
Our health, Our Future discusses the socio-environmental approach and makes suggestions to reduce barriers and increase access; this will empower Canadians to make an individual change and provide a guide for a societal and institutional change to occur. Our Health, Our Future also acknowledges the determinants of health that negatively impact determinants of health. Our health our future discusses the importance of healthy nutrition and making holistic healthy choices, while ParticipACTION is based solely on physical activity.

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