The Prevalence Of Caffeine Addiction, And The Health Benefits Of Coffee Essay

The Prevalence Of Caffeine Addiction, And The Health Benefits Of Coffee Essay

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“The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup!” was the slogan of the coffee commercial I repetitively heard from my hefty, shoddy color television back in the late 90’s. As an eight year old, I never predicted myself to become a habitual coffee drinker in ten years. At the age of eighteen, I began working and attending community college as a full-time student. Juggling school and work was stressful, so I began searching for products to help me stay energetic and attentive. Once I discovered that coffee was an inexpensive, easy-accessible beverage that could boast my energy throughout the day, I became hooked to a daily consumption of 525 milligrams of caffeine. My “How Healthy Are You” assessment results of 13/20 for physical health and 11/20 for emotional health encouraged me to gradually decrease my daily caffeine consumption to none at all. Based on my own experience, research about the prevalence of caffeine addiction, and the health benefits of coffee, I have discovered that consuming decaffeinated coffee is a healthy alternative for me.
Coffee contains caffeine chemicals called xanathines, which are also found in teas and chocolate. Xanathines are stimulants that affect the central nervous system by enhancing mental alertness, concentration, energy, and self-confidence/ The book Health, The Basics, states that the daily consumption of less than 300 milligrams of caffeine is harmless to consumers whom are not pregnant (Donatelle, 2014, p. 213). Unfortunately, studies have discovered that many people have a daily consumption of 550 milligrams of caffeine or more, experience withdrawal symptoms, and difficulty abstaining from caffeine. After evidence from multiple clinical studies and surveys, in 2013, caffeine use disor...

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...fee bean has multiple benefits for the body, tastes delicious, and provides me warmth during cold weather, I do not want quit drinking coffee, so I have decided to incorporate decaffeinated coffee in my diet. Throughout my life I believe that decaffeinated coffee was absolutely caffeine-less, but discovering that it only has 2-12 milligrams of caffeine encourages me begin a new behavior change by gradually exchanging caffeinated coffee for decaffeinated coffee. Overall, this behavior change experience and research about coffee and caffeine encourages me to continue to read section III of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual in order to become aware about health issues that are currently in the process of being studied. I feel that keeping up to date with new health studies will inspire me to consistently remain health conscious for friends, family members, and myself.

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