Preston Tucker: The Automobile Dreamer Essay

Preston Tucker: The Automobile Dreamer Essay

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Preston Tucker
Preston Tucker was an American automobile dreamer in the early 1900s. He was famous for creating a new innovative car which would have a safe design, including seat belts, safety glass, and a directional third headlight.
Tucker began a one month trek to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He had a big interest in race cars and their designs, and decided to move to Indianapolis to get closer to the automobiles. He earned a job as the transportation manager, and looked over deliveries for the company. The designer and leader of the company, Harry Miller faced bankruptcy in 1933. Tucker and Miller then formed “Miller and Tucker, Inc.” and started building race cars. This new company continued race car development until Miller’s death, 10 years later.
In 1937, Tucker had the idea of developing a combat vehicle. Two years later, he moved his family back to Michigan to develop new automotive products. Tucker received an opportunity from the Dutch government. The government wanted a combat vehicle that would work in the muddy Dutch land. He began to design an armored combat car, nicknamed “Tucker Tiger.” When the Germans invaded Holland, Tucker had not completed the vehicle. By then, the Dutch lost interest, so he offered it to the U.S. government. The combat car could go up to 115 mph, which was too fast for the government. They had already committed to other combat cars, and refused the car. However, the gun turret on the car took a place in the U.S. Navy and was soon used in many of the ships.
In 1940, Preston Tucker created the Tucker Aviation Corporation, and wanted to manufacture aircraft and marine engines. He designed a fighter aircraft, the Tucker XP-57, which the U.S.A.A.C. took an interest in. Again, this n...

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The Tucker Corporation’s cars were auctioned in Chicago, and only 2 were left for keeping. In 1950,Tucker tried to build a sports car called “Carioca,” but it was never built. Tucker teamed up with people in Brazil to work on this vehicle, but upon his return to the US, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He died from pneumonia on December 26, 1956, when he was 53 years old. He was buried in Flat Rock, Michigan.
In 1954, some investors made an attempt to bring back the Tucker Corporation to make a new car. They made many sketches, but was not able to get enough support to build the vehicle. The former Tucker Corporation is located in Chicago, IL, and is now split into the corporate headquarters of Tootsie Roll Industries and the Ford City mall. Tucker’s innovative ideas for his new car design with safety helped build up the standards for the modern cars today.

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