Pressure to Succeed Mentality in American Sports Essay

Pressure to Succeed Mentality in American Sports Essay

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The Pressure to Succeed
The Issue
“Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser,” Vince Lombardi once said. This saying could be the unsung anthem of American sports for children and teenagers. Everyone loves to win. In sports there is always competition. Is there too much emphasis on “the win” for kids and teens? This issue is important because it essentially develops the way children and teenagers think and react; it will affect them later on in life. Too much emphasis on winning is a problem because there is extensive pressure from parents and coaches, and the consequences can be severe.
Some people, such as Vince Lombardi, argue that the win is all there is. They say it motivates them to do well and will help them reach their dreams and give them the desire to achieve their best. Whereas others, such as Elizabeth Larsen, argue that the emphasis on the win is too great. Larsen says, “Some athletes take anabolic steroids as performance-enhancing drugs to build muscle and endurance.” So according to Larsen, kids are under such a great pressure to do well, that they resort to steroids could greatly affect them later on in life; emotionally and physically. (Dying to Be Strong). So then is the the issue is whether the win is the most beneficial element or is it how they play the game becoming too hazardous?
Winning is all that matters
Looking at the side of winning being the only reason to play sport, it is very easy to get wrapped up in all the glamour of victory. Wanting to be the best places an unwavering drive in the depths of one's soul and it is not satisfied until a first place trophy is sitting on his or her shelf or a gold medal is hanging around thier neck. “Don’t let anyone tell you, 'Winning isn’t everythi...

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